Remove Hijacker – Removal Help & Tips

Virus Removal on by . is Potentially a harmful website which is silently install malicious application on to your computer while opening this site. Many security company (such as google, Mozilla, malwarebytes, norton, etc) is blocking website. is basically a adware related website site that inject advertising banner with the website your are visiting. main purpose is ads monetization. Continue reading

Remove Hijacker – Removal Tips

Virus Removal on by . (from RAFO Technology) is a browser hijacker that modify your browser and search settings as well as registry entries. Whenever you try to search or open webpage, you will redirect you to hijacker. This hijacker may add unwanted toolbar on your browser and you’ll be bombarded with pop-up ads every time you try to browse the web. virus may silently installs other malicious application for maximum destruction. Continue reading

What is Conhost.exe File, Is Conhost Virus?

Virus Removal on by .

Since 2009, conhost.exe is seen as a malware. Someone told conhost.exe is a part of malware and someone told conhost.exe is part of spyware. Whereas, conhost.exe (Console Host) is a completely legitimate application and essential part of Microsoft Operating Systems aka Console Windows Host. 

But you should only be aware of the correct path of the conhost.exe file. And the correct path of this file is Continue reading